Auto Double Head Slotting Machine

The design of machine is a compact, space saving PVC screen slotting machine designed for pipe sizes 1¼" through 10" in 3Mtr. or 6Mtr lengths by request.

The standard pipe support tray is 9 feet long, enabling slotting capability up to 10 inch dia. pipe in 3Mtr. Lengths as per BIS specification IS:12818 with latest amendment.

This machine can also be built by request with a pipe support tray for slotting 6Mtr. lengths of pipe.

The machine frame is designed to be stationary and which will require less floor space, approximately 800mm x 4500mm for the shorter tray and approximately 800mm x 7500 for the longer tray.

The slotting motor assembly will then travel over the tray through servo motor for each segment of slots.

  • Types : Single head & Double head - Double head machines slot         two pipes at a time
  • Data entry through HMI.
  • PLC operations
  • Each Slotting motor capacity - 7.5 HP 240 volt 3 phase.
  • Width of slot – 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 0.75, 1.0. 1.5, 2.0mm
  • Pipe diameter – DN 35mm to 250mm
  • Maximum number of slots on the circumference – 8 nos.
  • Size :up to 315 mm diameter & 6Mtr. length
  • Vacuum blower mounted on top of slotting assembly with a hose discharge adaptor for connecting    to the dust collection system.
  • Slotting trey travels by help of high precession rack & pinion system attached with SIMENS servo motor.
  • Adjustable depth of slots.
  • These are highly appreciated for their compact construction and efficiency.