Belling / Socketing Machine

We are supplying a comprehensive range of automatic planetary & Linear online Belling Machine with heating and formation Station as per IS:12818, IS:4985, IS:13592 etc. Machine has high speed which gives high output per hour depends on Pipe size. The range is versatile in its application to the requirements of the industries.

  • Belling output varying from 170 to 700 Kgs. / hour depending on    the machine model.
  • Power load varies from 3Kw to 10Kw
  • Size range in Rotary models – 16-25, 42-75, 60-110, 90- 200mm
  • Size range in Linear models – 90- 200, 140-400mm.
  • SWR socket fully auto models – 75-160mm (Type A & B)