Jockey Extruder (25mm)

We are the leading manufacturer & exporter of JOCKEY EXTRUDER suitable for PVC, PE, PP & other thermoplastic applications. The machine is built on a caster wheeled base and prewired and plumbed for easy installation. Length/diameter ratio is 22:1 and the height can be adjustable. It's having high efficiency and high performance manufactured with high quality of materials & control system. It is allowing adaptation to existing extrusion heads. It has quick attaching system.

  • Barrel (25mm ID) : Made of nitride steel with duly honed
  • Screw (25mm OD) : Made of EN 41 B series nitride steel having L/D    ratio 22:1 duly ground and polished
  • Water Cooling Provided: Water Cooling Provided to the barrel at    the feeding section
  • AC Drive: Main drive will be Danfos make
  • AC Motor: Motor will be of a reputed make Hindustan motor consisting of 1 HP 1500 rpm
  • Helical Gear Box: Helical Gear Box will be of reputed make having ratio 16:1
  • Heater: Mica band heater for efficient heating