Pulverizer Machine

Our Impact Pulverizer is suitable for pulverizing of rigid Plastics material. It consists of specially half round shaped designed alloy steel liner & the upper part of the liner is cooled by water circulation to maintain low temperatures. In this design, the maximum heat transfer takes place in regular cycle.

  • Impact hammer : are Sixteen hammers are fitted with rotary shaft and the ends of the hammer are "V" shape teeth. These hammers rotate in clockwise direction. Hammers are balanced to avoid vibration.
  • Cooling Jacket : There are five cooling jackets are provided around     the body to keep cool & low maintain temperature.
  • Bearing Housing : It's fabricated with MS body fitted with water jacket and good quality high speed    bearing for longer and troubles free service.
  • Machine Frame : Frame is fully reinforced to absorb all vibration during operation.
  • Control Panel : Equipped with starter voltmeter, ampere meter, rotary switch and phase indicating    lamps
  • Dosing device : Dosing Device for automatic feeding fitted with AC motor with AC drive for smooth &    uniform feeding
  • Cyclone : Cyclone water and air cooled conveyor pipe to keep Pulverized material cooled down for       storage/recycle and to enhance production capacity.