Scrap Grinder

We offer sturdy and efficient Scrap Grinder Machine used for recycling the rejected polymer product made from PVC, LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PET, EVA,PS etc.

We have specially designed for rigid PVC pipe scrap & other rigid plastic material. Full length scrap pipe can be feed into the grinder. It works very smooth without any trouble. It gives uniform size of granule.

  • Heavy mild steel structure with hopper for easy loading of scraps.
  • Sturdy multiple rotary and fix blades of alloy steel for longer services    life and efficient grinding.
  • Option for material conveying system after grinding.
  • Air breather and Air blowers are provided for air cooling in the    chamber. Water cooling to the chamber is also provided.
  • Fabricated with MS & fitted with good quality high speed bearing. Water cooling systems are provided    for longer and trouble free running.
  • Panel is equipped with good quality control switches, which gives trouble free operation for longer    time.